I've walked through Bloomingdale's a few times at the KOP mall, but have never purchased anything--the prices are too high for my taste. But over at Want Not, the wonderful Mir just posted a great coupon deal: $50 off a $100+ purchase online, plus free shipping if you purchase $50 of intimates. (Check out her blog post, and shop with her affiliate link, for details.) I took the opportunity to grab two bras for almost 50% off each--came to $54 total, as usual no tax.

First I ordered the Wacoal "Embrace Lace" Petite Push-Up Bra in black, which has pretty white lace on the band, in a hard-to-find size 32AA. I've never worn a petite bra before, because I always buy 32A padded push-up bras from Lily of France and/or whatever is on sale at Macy's. But I don't anticipate fit issues, because I am petite and I have a classically petite torso. Actually, my full torso is probably around average length, but I have a high waist (almost a hands-width above my navel) and noticeably short shoulder-to-bust ratio (straps never fit correctly).

SIDEBAR: Once, just once, I found a nude 32AA padded bra on the sale rack. It fits great, but it's a full-coverage T-shirt bra and I wear a lot of low-cut tops. I think the expanse of chest, even sans cleavage, shows off my collarbone and shoulders. Also, this particular bra design is almost entirely padding and not much pushing, so that the 32A--identical style, in black--also fits but with even more padding.

And I desperately need a new strapless bra--my current one is obviously dead and always slipping--so I picked up the Natori Women's "Reflex" Strapless Convertible Bra in nude, 32A. Reviews say that the Natori bra runs a bit shallow in the cup, so I'm hopeful that it will work out. If not, well, Bloomie's has an undated return policy, so I can always wait for my next trip to KOP.

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Seeing personal style through K's eyes.

I'll be chronicling my quest for personal style on a frugally-raised college student's budget. Fitting room reviews, style inspirations, musings/rants about dressing a petite, size-2 apple figure--just whatever is on my mind. I adore the Anthro aesthetic, but rarely pull it off in real life. Same goes for heels and make-up...


Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 31-28-33
Bust: 32A (or 32AA without padding)
Shoes: 5 women's/3 kids, also 5.5 if open-back
True size: 2 with consideration for my waist
Shape: "crabapple"
Ethnicity: Asian = straight black hair (now waist-length for the second time!), boring brown eyes and nonexistent lashes, medium yellow-toned skin

Anthropologie: 2/S dresses (0/XS fits tight), 2/XS tops, 4-6 skirts
J.Crew: XS/0 tops and dresses, 4 skirts
Banana Republic: 2 tops, 4P Sloan bottoms (sometimes 2/2P in other cuts)
H&M: 4/XS tops, 4/S dresses, 6 (sometimes 8) skirts
Forever 21: S tops and dresses, 26 jeans

Resident of the teensy state of Delaware, whose greatest virtue is 0% sales tax!


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