July 21st, 2011

Crewsing Thru My 50's has a great guide to determining your personal perfect skirt length, depending on whether (and by how much) you are short-shinned or long-shinned. I measured as 16.5" upper leg and 14.5" lower leg, a 2" difference, which means that my ideal skirt length is 1 inch above my knee. I have no intention of giving up or hemming all of my skirts and shorts that don't fall perfectly proportionate, though. While 1 inch above the knee is perfectly modest for me, I also like midi-length skirts and much shorter shorts (3-5" inseam). This does explain why that one pair of too-short capris that hit just below my knee was so awkward-looking.

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Seeing personal style through K's eyes.

I'll be chronicling my quest for personal style on a frugally-raised college student's budget. Fitting room reviews, style inspirations, musings/rants about dressing a petite, size-2 apple figure--just whatever is on my mind. I adore the Anthro aesthetic, but rarely pull it off in real life. Same goes for heels and make-up...


Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 31-28-33
Bust: 32A (or 32AA without padding)
Shoes: 5 women's/3 kids, also 5.5 if open-back
True size: 2 with consideration for my waist
Shape: "crabapple"
Ethnicity: Asian = straight black hair (now waist-length for the second time!), boring brown eyes and nonexistent lashes, medium yellow-toned skin

Anthropologie: 2/S dresses (0/XS fits tight), 2/XS tops, 4-6 skirts
J.Crew: XS/0 tops and dresses, 4 skirts
Banana Republic: 2 tops, 4P Sloan bottoms (sometimes 2/2P in other cuts)
H&M: 4/XS tops, 4/S dresses, 6 (sometimes 8) skirts
Forever 21: S tops and dresses, 26 jeans

Resident of the teensy state of Delaware, whose greatest virtue is 0% sales tax!

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