June 30th, 2011

 Years ago I bought a pair of plain black slides from the brand Italian Shoemakers (on the box), which were unbranded on the shoe itself. I kind of figured that this brand was just a generic name for knockoff shoes, which made me sad because these are the most cushion-y shoes I've ever owned. They're not the most comfortable ever for standing around for long periods of time, but for periodic walking in an office, they are absolutely perfect.

And, they feel like slippers when you're sitting at the desk. Seriously.

It turns out that Italian Shoemakers is a real brand name, and DSW carries them! Take a look at these reviews for the Melon Wedge Sandal. The stretchy fabric that they use for the upper is really comfy, too. The footbed does run a little narrow, at least on my pair, but I'll gladly accept those trade-offs for heels like slippers.

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Seeing personal style through K's eyes.

I'll be chronicling my quest for personal style on a frugally-raised college student's budget. Fitting room reviews, style inspirations, musings/rants about dressing a petite, size-2 apple figure--just whatever is on my mind. I adore the Anthro aesthetic, but rarely pull it off in real life. Same goes for heels and make-up...


Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 31-28-33
Bust: 32A (or 32AA without padding)
Shoes: 5 women's/3 kids, also 5.5 if open-back
True size: 2 with consideration for my waist
Shape: "crabapple"
Ethnicity: Asian = straight black hair (now waist-length for the second time!), boring brown eyes and nonexistent lashes, medium yellow-toned skin

Anthropologie: 2/S dresses (0/XS fits tight), 2/XS tops, 4-6 skirts
J.Crew: XS/0 tops and dresses, 4 skirts
Banana Republic: 2 tops, 4P Sloan bottoms (sometimes 2/2P in other cuts)
H&M: 4/XS tops, 4/S dresses, 6 (sometimes 8) skirts
Forever 21: S tops and dresses, 26 jeans

Resident of the teensy state of Delaware, whose greatest virtue is 0% sales tax!

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